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Real Estate Agent & Broker Errors & Omissions Insurance

Whether you call it "E&O" or "Professional Liability", we have access to today's most competitive and experienced insurers. Real estate firms have recently been subject to a lot of changes in the insurance marketplace...companies leaving the market, remaining insurers raising rates, as well as changes in underwriting guidelines.

We do not have a "one company fits all" philosophy for Real Estate Errors & Omissions Insurance. Some companies' E&O policies are priced better than others among particular agency sizes. Other companies view specific real estate services more or less favorably than their worthy competitors. Among the various insurance policies, there are differences which may make one company better suited for your firm over another.

Knowing what to look for in an Errors & Omissions Insurance Policy can be confusing. Please review the helpful article written by our agency President and published in the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors publication "The Pennsylvania Realtor".

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